Jim Hudson GMC Shares Gas Mileage Tips and Memorial Day Sale Offers

GMC Terrain Columbia SC

Smart driving and proper maintenance allows you to maximize fuel economy. The GMC Terrain achieves an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon.

With gas still well above $3 per gallon, many Columbia drivers are looking for ways to save on gas as they make Memorial Day road trips.  Some simple tips, both in preparing your vehicle and yourself, can yield as much as a 40% difference in fuel economy and savings of over $1,000 per year.

Some of the easiest changes to make are to your own routines.  Idling for fifteen minutes burns through a quarter of a gallon of gas on average–at $4.00 per gallon, that’s $1 added onto your bill when you go through a busy drive-thru instead of shutting the engine off and going inside.  Smooth acceleration from a stoplight will make you use the brakes less, both prolonging their life and increasing your fuel economy by as much as 20 percent. (Even hybrid cars don’t get a pass there.  Regenerative braking systems can help capture some of the energy lost to friction and heat, but it’s not 100% efficient.)  Additional gains can be made by maintaining a steady speed with cruise control, keeping it to 70 on the highway instead of 80, which helps cut down how hard your engine has to work to maintain speed.  Lastly, bundling trips can help you save at the pump–aside from driving less, an engine warmed up to its operating temperature is up to 50% more efficient than a cold one.

Beyond smart driving, a few tweaks to your vehicle can make big changes in your gas mileage.  Among the most important things you can do are:

  • Low tire pressure – Having tires 5 PSI below their rated pressure (found on your driver door jamb) won’t significantly affect how the vehicle drives, but it will make your engine work harder.  Going 10 PSI below the specified pressure, aside from increasing the chances the tire will blow out, will cut your gas mileage by more than three percent.
  • Roof ornaments – As much as you want to show your school spirit, flags, banners, and things on your roof rack all contribute to wind resistance–which accounts for 33% of your fuel consumption at speed. Even minor changes will result in big gains here.
  • Extra weight – The EPA estimates every additional 100 pounds your vehicle carries reduces gas mileage by 2 percent. There’s nothing wrong with buying that 50-pound bag of water softener, but be sure to take it out when you get home!
  • Use the air conditioner – This might sound counterintuitive, but at highway speeds you’re better rolling up your windows and running the air conditioner.  Much like big things on your roof, rolling down your windows at high speeds increases the air pressure in the car and makes it act like a big drag chute, making the engine work harder and burn more gas than if you used the air conditioner to begin with.

Jim Hudson GMC Offers Efficient Trucks & SUVs

Jim Hudson GMC is proud to offer a host of fuel-efficient trucks, SUVs, and crossovers that get great gas mileage. GMC Terrain offers seating for 5 and an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon, while GMC Acadia features seating for up to 8 and better fuel economy than the Honda Pilot.  GMC Sierra offers a two-mode hybrid model, while the XFE model offers 5.3L V8 power and 22 highway miles per gallon.  For more information, and to see Jim Hudson’s Columbia SC Memorial Day sale weekend offers, we encourage you to visit our South Carolina GMC Dealer website or call us toll-free at (888) 377-4971.

IntelliLink System Coming to 2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia SC

IntelliLink on 2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia SC drivers will notice that the 2012 GMC Terrain features the IntelliLink system as standard equipment.

GMC has announced the new IntelliLink system, which will become standard equipment on the 2012 GMC Terrain coming to Columbia, South Carolina later this year.  IntelliLink is GMC’s next-generation connectivity system, which offers advanced smartphone integration in an easy-to-use package.

Going beyond Terrain’s existing Bluetooth and standard USB connections that have proved wildly popular since its debut in 2010, IntelliLink allows drivers to connect their smartphone and enable controls through a new seven-inch high-resolution color display, voice commands, and steering-wheel radio controls.  Among the marquee features of IntelliLink is the ability to stream internet radio using Pandora and Stitcher using the smartphone’s wireless data connection, in addition to allowing hands-free use of the phone to allow drivers to make calls with the device safely stowed to make sure their hands are on the wheel and their eyes are on the road.

Gracenote integration is another new feature of IntelliLink, which automatically identifies the music on the driver’s phone, MP3 player, or USB flash drive to present data including the artist name, genre, cover art, and more on the screen.  This data also enables more accurate voice commands and permits the system to recognize nicknames as well as artists’ proper names.  Those voice commands, powered by Nuance speech recognition technology, allow the driver to make a range of voice commands from tuning the internet radio station to calling a contact over the phone or by using OnStar’s hands-free calling system.

IntelliLink will be standard across all Terrain models, with touchscreen navigation available on the SLE-2 and SLT models.  Those same models receive an 8-speaker Pioneer premium sound system as standard equipment, providing a great output for all the additional audio sources that IntelliLink provides.  Even without a Bluetooth-enabled phone or a USB drive, Columbia Terrain drivers can still enjoy both traditional AM/FM radio and CDs plus standard XM Satellite Radio, which offers over 100 channels of commercial-free music, plus sports, talk, and news.  In addition, Terrain’s standard rearview camera now displays on the IntelliLink system’s high-resolution screen to ensure an even better view of any objects or people behind the vehicle while moving in reverse.

Of course, Terrain’s appeal goes far beyond the new IntelliLink system, with a new flex-fuel four-cylinder engine enabling Terrain to achieve an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon.  An available programmable power liftgate allows Terrain to stop short of its full height to avoid any low-hanging garage structures or allow shorter users to reach it, and remote vehicle start allows drivers to start the climate control system using the key fob or OnStar’s MyLink app on iPhone and Android devices.

2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia, South Carolina

The 2012 GMC Terrain will be available in late 2011 from Jim Hudson GMC, South Carolina’s #1 GMC dealer.  Jim Hudson has been serving GMC drivers from Newberry, Sumter, Lugoff, Columbia, and Orangeburg for over 30 years with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.  Columbia drivers have recognized Jim Hudson’s customer service excellence by voting Jim Hudson Best New Car Dealership in Columbia an unmatched ten years in a row and counting.  Jim Hudson GMC is located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, South Carolina, and can be reached by phone at (888) 377-4971.  For more information, visit their GMC Terrain Columbia SC website.