GMC Terrain Maintains Exceptional Resale Value in Columbia, SC

GMC Terrain for sale in Columbia SC

The GMC Terrain offers Columbia SC drivers superior fuel economy and resale value.

It’s one of the biggest expenses for any driver purchasing a new vehicle: depreciation.  While not every car loses half of its value as soon as it drives off the lot, purchasing a new SUV that holds its value better can mean thousands of dollars saved.  According to General Motors’ Residual Value Management’s performance report based on Auto Leasing Guide’s 36-month data for July/August, the forecasted depreciation for GMC vehicles is lower than its competitors and lower than the same time a year ago.

In particular, this bodes well for shoppers seeking out a GMC Terrain in Columbia, South Carolina.  In all, the forecasted resale value of the GMC Terrain after three years gives it a 1.2-point lead over competitors such as the Nissan Murano, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Ford Edge–no surprise to Columbia car shoppers who have had to do a lot of searching in order to find a dealer that’s been able to keep one in stock.  Supplies of GMC Terrain SUVs nationwide have been tight ever since its debut as a 2010 model.

Terrain offers seating for five in a modern, stylish package.  Its standard 2.4L four-cylinder engine makes smooth power while delivering an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon, and an available 3.0L V6 engine gives Terrain the power to tow up to 3,500 pounds.  Terrain also features standard equipment originally found in luxury vehicles, such as an onboard USB port for connecting an iPod or MP3 player to the available Pioneer 8-speaker premium sound system, and a rearview camera for additional visibility when backing up.  Terrain also features six months of OnStar Directions and Connections as standard equipment, allowing drivers to get directions to just about anywhere by pressing the blue OnStar button and speaking with a live OnStar Advisor who can download navigation directions to the vehicle without the driver putting the vehicle in park.

2012 GMC Terrain Coming Soon to Columbia SC

GMC isn’t resting on its laurels with the GMC Terrain, offering new features for the 2012 model including standard IntelliLink touchscreen display that will allow drivers to choose from even more music options such as Pandora internet radio when using their smartphone.  Controlling that system is even easier thanks to an steering wheel-mounted control that is now standard on all trim levels.  For a little extra touch of style, new 18-inch chrome wheels are standard on the top-tier SLT-2 model and are available on SLT-1 and SLE-2 models.  While the changes aren’t completely radical, they should make the GMC Terrain an even more popular choice for Columbia, South Carolina’s drivers

GMC Terrain Dealers serving Sumter SC

Jim Hudson GMC is the #1 GMC dealer in South Carolina, serving the entire midlands including Sumter, Newberry, Orangeburg, and Columbia with a focus on complete customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale.  Jim Hudson carries the full GMC Terrain lineup just minutes from Sumter, and backs it with GMC Certified Service experts trained in every aspect of servicing your Terrain from oil changes to tires to any repairs you may find yourself in need of.  Jim Hudson GMC serving Sumter SC is located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, and can be reached by phone at (888) 377-4971.

Jim Hudson GMC Shares Gas Mileage Tips and Memorial Day Sale Offers

GMC Terrain Columbia SC

Smart driving and proper maintenance allows you to maximize fuel economy. The GMC Terrain achieves an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon.

With gas still well above $3 per gallon, many Columbia drivers are looking for ways to save on gas as they make Memorial Day road trips.  Some simple tips, both in preparing your vehicle and yourself, can yield as much as a 40% difference in fuel economy and savings of over $1,000 per year.

Some of the easiest changes to make are to your own routines.  Idling for fifteen minutes burns through a quarter of a gallon of gas on average–at $4.00 per gallon, that’s $1 added onto your bill when you go through a busy drive-thru instead of shutting the engine off and going inside.  Smooth acceleration from a stoplight will make you use the brakes less, both prolonging their life and increasing your fuel economy by as much as 20 percent. (Even hybrid cars don’t get a pass there.  Regenerative braking systems can help capture some of the energy lost to friction and heat, but it’s not 100% efficient.)  Additional gains can be made by maintaining a steady speed with cruise control, keeping it to 70 on the highway instead of 80, which helps cut down how hard your engine has to work to maintain speed.  Lastly, bundling trips can help you save at the pump–aside from driving less, an engine warmed up to its operating temperature is up to 50% more efficient than a cold one.

Beyond smart driving, a few tweaks to your vehicle can make big changes in your gas mileage.  Among the most important things you can do are:

  • Low tire pressure – Having tires 5 PSI below their rated pressure (found on your driver door jamb) won’t significantly affect how the vehicle drives, but it will make your engine work harder.  Going 10 PSI below the specified pressure, aside from increasing the chances the tire will blow out, will cut your gas mileage by more than three percent.
  • Roof ornaments – As much as you want to show your school spirit, flags, banners, and things on your roof rack all contribute to wind resistance–which accounts for 33% of your fuel consumption at speed. Even minor changes will result in big gains here.
  • Extra weight – The EPA estimates every additional 100 pounds your vehicle carries reduces gas mileage by 2 percent. There’s nothing wrong with buying that 50-pound bag of water softener, but be sure to take it out when you get home!
  • Use the air conditioner – This might sound counterintuitive, but at highway speeds you’re better rolling up your windows and running the air conditioner.  Much like big things on your roof, rolling down your windows at high speeds increases the air pressure in the car and makes it act like a big drag chute, making the engine work harder and burn more gas than if you used the air conditioner to begin with.

Jim Hudson GMC Offers Efficient Trucks & SUVs

Jim Hudson GMC is proud to offer a host of fuel-efficient trucks, SUVs, and crossovers that get great gas mileage. GMC Terrain offers seating for 5 and an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon, while GMC Acadia features seating for up to 8 and better fuel economy than the Honda Pilot.  GMC Sierra offers a two-mode hybrid model, while the XFE model offers 5.3L V8 power and 22 highway miles per gallon.  For more information, and to see Jim Hudson’s Columbia SC Memorial Day sale weekend offers, we encourage you to visit our South Carolina GMC Dealer website or call us toll-free at (888) 377-4971.

2012 GMC Lineup Highlighted in Real-World Community Projects

2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia SC

GMC loaned a 2012 GMC Terrain to a quadriplegic rugby team as part of producing its 2012 catalog. (GM Media)

Jim Hudson GMC, the #1 GMC dealership in the state of South Carolina, looks forward to the 2012 GMC lineup of trucks, vans, SUVs, and crossovers that will be arriving later this year.  When Columbia customers open the 2012 GMC catalog, which will arrive this summer, they will see the brand’s professional grade lineup doing real work in real-world settings.

GMC’s Sierra, Yukon, Acadia, Terrain, Canyon and Savana will be seen in a great variety of real-life community service projects such as towing a rainwater cistern on a farm in Florida, hauling historic yacht construction supplies and a 12-foot-wide metal sculpture in New York, transporting quadriplegic athletes to team workouts in Texas, and towing a livestock chute at a wild horse sanctuary in California.

“GMC vehicles help organizations and individuals across the country get work done every day, on projects that rarely get the attention they deserve,” said John Schwegman, U.S. vice president, GMC Marketing. “That is why GMC is providing vehicles to five projects that are making a positive impact in their communities.”

GMC provided short-term loans of:

  • Three Sierras and a Canyon to Geraldson Community Farm in Bradenton, Fla., for the delivery and installation of an innovative water conservation system;
  • Three Sierras and two Acadias to haul supplies for The Onrust Project in Schenectady, N.Y. The Onrust, five years in the making, is a replica of the first Dutch yacht built in America using authentic 17th century Dutch building techniques. When finished The Onrust will be a floating museum and classroom for teaching the early European history of the Northeastern United States;
  • Three Sierras, a Yukon and a Terrain to transport raw material and three metal-worked sculptures for public exhibit made along the Appalachian Trail at Harmony Ridge in Branchville, N.J., by renowned artist Robert Lobe. The 12-foot-wide tree sculptures were moved from Lobe’s studio space in Newark to Prospect Park in Brooklyn;
  • A group of GMC vehicles, including Savanas to Terrains, helped transport a U.S. quadriplegic rugby team, the Texas Stampede, and its equipment to and from workouts and scrimmages in Texas;
  • Sierras, Canyons and Yukons to help conservationists maintain the  American Wild Horse Sanctuary at Return to Freedom Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif., by supporting daily ranch activities, as well as transporting materials.

“Hauling materials to build a 30-ton 17th century historic yacht is not for the lightweights. GMC vehicles are heavy duty, but handle like a Sunday drive in the park,” said Don Rittner, president of The Onrust Project. “When we had to move a ton of 400-year-old wood from the boat shed to the warehouse, the GMC Sierra made it seem like we were hauling toothpicks.”

The new GMC catalog also is the first to have digital interactive and social media components. There are embedded quick-response codes that allow smartphone users to access a custom mobile site with exclusive video about the vehicles and these community projects, and link to the GMC Facebook Community Projects tab enabling fans to learn more.

“GMC vehicles are helping us connect people to high-quality local food, increase market access for small farmers, and promote cost-effective water conservation measures in agriculture,” said Jacob Leech, acting executive director, Geraldson Community Farm.

GMC Dealers in South Carolina

Jim Hudson GMC is the #1 GMC dealer in South Carolina for sales in 2010, serving the midlands of South Carolina including Columbia, Sumter, Orangeburg, and Newberry.  Jim Hudson has served the area for more than three decades with a focus on complete customer satisfaction, a focus underscored by being named Best New Car Dealership in Columbia ten years in a row and counting.  Located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, Jim Hudson GMC carries a wide selection of GMC trucks, SUVs, and crossovers to choose from.  Jim Hudson GMC can be reached at (888) 377-4971 or by visiting their South Carolina GMC Dealers website.

Financing Offers on Certified Used GMC Trucks and SUVs in Columbia SC

Used GMC Sierra 1500 Columbia SC

Low 1.9% APR financing is available on GM Certified Used GMC Sierra pickup trucks.

Jim Hudson GMC, the #1 GMC dealer in South Carolina, announces that qualified buyers can take advantage of low 1.9% APR financing on GM Certified Used GMC Acadia, GMC Sierra, GMC Yukon, and GMC Yukon XL models for terms of up to 36 months.  For Columbia truck and SUV shoppers that prefer a longer finance term, low 2.9% APR is available to qualified buyers for terms of up to 60 months.  Both offers are good on any of the qualifying models through July 5, 2011.

GM Certified Used Vehicles are the cream of the crop, hand-selected and checked to ensure that the vehicles have a clean vehicle history report free of branded titles (such as junk or salvage) and from any disqualifying uses that would subject it to harsh conditions (such as being used as a taxi or police vehicle).  This CARFAX vehicle history report is available for your inspection at no charge.  Our GMC Certified Service technicians give every vehicle a comprehensive 117-point vehicle inspection, checking everything from the condition of the brakes and to the proper operation of the power seat adjusters.  From there, our team subjects each vehicle to meticulous reconditioning to bring your GM Certified truck or SUV back to a like-new appearance, including a thorough detailing and removal of minor dents.

In addition to this great used car financing deal, every GM Certified Used GMC model is backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, protection that is four times longer than certified pre-owned programs from Chrysler, Ford, or Toyota.  Models still under the original new-vehicle limited warranty will see that warranty protection added as an extension, making for a total of 48 months or 48,000 miles (whichever comes first) of bumper-to-bumper warranty protection from its original in-service date (generally, when the car was sold new or put into service as a demonstrator vehicle).  In addition, used GMC shoppers in Columbia receive the balance of the 5-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty starting from the vehicle’s original in-service date.

To make the deal even sweeter, GM Certified Used GMC models come with complimentary roadside assistance and courtesy transportation for the duration of the powertrain warranty, and vehicles equipped from the factory to do so will receive a three-month trial of XM Satellite Radio and OnStar with turn-by-turn navigation.  All told, there is an average of $1,925 in every GM Certified Used Vehicle, making this a sound choice for anyone looking for a used GMC Acadia in Columbia SC.

GMC Dealers in Columbia, South Carolina

Jim Hudson GMC is the #1 new GMC dealer in South Carolina, serving the cities of Columbia, Sumter, Orangeburg, Newberry, and Lugoff with a focus on complete customer satisfaction. With over 30 years experience, Jim Hudson has become one of the most trusted names in the midlands of South Carolina and has been voted Best New Car Dealership ten years in a row and counting by readers of The State.  Located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, Jim Hudson GMC carries a great selection of both new and used GMC trucks and SUVs.  For more information, visit their Used GMC Columbia SC website or call (888) 377-4971.

IntelliLink System Coming to 2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia SC

IntelliLink on 2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia SC drivers will notice that the 2012 GMC Terrain features the IntelliLink system as standard equipment.

GMC has announced the new IntelliLink system, which will become standard equipment on the 2012 GMC Terrain coming to Columbia, South Carolina later this year.  IntelliLink is GMC’s next-generation connectivity system, which offers advanced smartphone integration in an easy-to-use package.

Going beyond Terrain’s existing Bluetooth and standard USB connections that have proved wildly popular since its debut in 2010, IntelliLink allows drivers to connect their smartphone and enable controls through a new seven-inch high-resolution color display, voice commands, and steering-wheel radio controls.  Among the marquee features of IntelliLink is the ability to stream internet radio using Pandora and Stitcher using the smartphone’s wireless data connection, in addition to allowing hands-free use of the phone to allow drivers to make calls with the device safely stowed to make sure their hands are on the wheel and their eyes are on the road.

Gracenote integration is another new feature of IntelliLink, which automatically identifies the music on the driver’s phone, MP3 player, or USB flash drive to present data including the artist name, genre, cover art, and more on the screen.  This data also enables more accurate voice commands and permits the system to recognize nicknames as well as artists’ proper names.  Those voice commands, powered by Nuance speech recognition technology, allow the driver to make a range of voice commands from tuning the internet radio station to calling a contact over the phone or by using OnStar’s hands-free calling system.

IntelliLink will be standard across all Terrain models, with touchscreen navigation available on the SLE-2 and SLT models.  Those same models receive an 8-speaker Pioneer premium sound system as standard equipment, providing a great output for all the additional audio sources that IntelliLink provides.  Even without a Bluetooth-enabled phone or a USB drive, Columbia Terrain drivers can still enjoy both traditional AM/FM radio and CDs plus standard XM Satellite Radio, which offers over 100 channels of commercial-free music, plus sports, talk, and news.  In addition, Terrain’s standard rearview camera now displays on the IntelliLink system’s high-resolution screen to ensure an even better view of any objects or people behind the vehicle while moving in reverse.

Of course, Terrain’s appeal goes far beyond the new IntelliLink system, with a new flex-fuel four-cylinder engine enabling Terrain to achieve an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon.  An available programmable power liftgate allows Terrain to stop short of its full height to avoid any low-hanging garage structures or allow shorter users to reach it, and remote vehicle start allows drivers to start the climate control system using the key fob or OnStar’s MyLink app on iPhone and Android devices.

2012 GMC Terrain in Columbia, South Carolina

The 2012 GMC Terrain will be available in late 2011 from Jim Hudson GMC, South Carolina’s #1 GMC dealer.  Jim Hudson has been serving GMC drivers from Newberry, Sumter, Lugoff, Columbia, and Orangeburg for over 30 years with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.  Columbia drivers have recognized Jim Hudson’s customer service excellence by voting Jim Hudson Best New Car Dealership in Columbia an unmatched ten years in a row and counting.  Jim Hudson GMC is located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, South Carolina, and can be reached by phone at (888) 377-4971.  For more information, visit their GMC Terrain Columbia SC website.

GMC Sierra 2500HD and GMC Yukon in Columbia SC Best In Class

Truck Trend, the rough-and-tumble sister publication of Motor Trend magazine names GMC Sierra 2500HD the “Best in Class 2011 Work Truck” and GMC Yukon its “Best in Class 2011 Full-Size SUV” in its June issue. Sierra 2500HD beat out the Ford F-250 and Ram 2500 to pull out a two-way tie for the win alongside the Chevrolet Silverado HD, while the GMC Yukon tied with Chevrolet Tahoe as the two beat the Toyota Sequoia.

Truck Trend had high praise for GMC’s heavy duty truck, calling it the kind of truck “you’ll see on construction sites… expected to work hard and take abuse every day.” In terms of capability, they deem rear-wheel-drive regular cab Sierra 2500HD the best in towing capacity (17,800 pounds) and payload capacity (4,192 pounds).

In the full-size SUV category, Truck Trend cited Yukon’s efficient two-mode hybrid model that makes an EPA-estimated 20 city miles per gallon, active fuel management that deactivates four of Yukon’s eight engine cylinders when operating conditions permit in order to save fuel, available seating for up to nine passengers, and 8,200-pound towing capacity as competitive strengths.

“Despite their size and the hard work demanded of these vehicles, much effort has been put into making full-sizes more fuel-efficient, capable, and comfortable,” Truck Trend’s editors said.

GMC Trucks and SUVs in Columbia SC Available from Jim Hudson GMC

Jim Hudson GMC is the oldest GMC dealer in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, and is the #1 GMC dealer in the entire state of South Carolina for sales in 2010.  In addition to carrying the most popular GMC models, including the Sierra HD and Yukon, Jim Hudson also offers exceptional pricing on its entire inventory and backs it up with world-class customer service.  Located just minutes from downtown Columbia at 7201 Garners Ferry Road beside I-77, Jim Hudson GMC has been serving GMC truck and SUV owners for nearly 30 years.  For more information, call (803) 783-0110 or visit Jim Hudson GMC’s Columbia GMC Dealer website.

Jim Hudson GMC is #1 Volume GMC Dealer in South Carolina

Jim Hudson GMC is the #1 GMC Dealer in South Carolina

Keith Hudson, President of Jim Hudson GMC, receives the award for being the top GMC dealer in the state from Elizabeth Johnson from GMC.

For almost 30 years, Jim Hudson GMC has been the premier GMC dealership in the city of Columbia, South Carolina.  From the days of old C/K-series pickups to the new heavy-duty Sierra pickup trucks, GMC has always stood for professional grade engineering that truck, van, and SUV shoppers have driven for miles around to put in their driveways and garages.  Now, Jim Hudson has been announced as the #1 GMC dealer in the state of South Carolina.

GMC was third only to Buick and Cadillac in increased sales nationwide for 2010, thanks to a combination of a recovering economy and a series of new models that attracted the interest of Columbia’s truck and SUV owners including the GMC Terrain, GMC Acadia Denali, and GMC Sierra HD.

The GMC Terrain was introduced for 2010 as the smaller of GMC’s unibody SUVs, the second one in the brand’s history after the GMC Acadia’s arrival in Columbia SC for 2007.  Riding on the global Theta platform, GMC Terrain offers South Carolina drivers the choice of four-cylinder power making an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon or a powerful V6 engine with the ability to tow up to 3,500 pounds when properly equipped.  Combined with standard equipment including a rearview camera, USB port input to the audio system, power heated mirrors, tinted rear windows, and an auto-dimming rear mirror, Terrain has been in short supply in the state of South Carolina thanks to tremendous demand even in spite of production increases at its plant in Ontario, Canada.

Released as a 2011 model, the GMC Acadia Denali brings luxury equipment to a crossover vehicle for the first time.  The GMC Acadia Denali available in Columbia SC features a unique front and rear fascia featuring the signature Denali grille along with exclusive two-tone 20-inch chrome wheels.  With standard trailering equipment (and the heavy-duty cooling system that comes with it), heads-up display, dual skyscape sunroof, and power rear liftgate, the GMC Acadia Denali lives up to the functionality-meets-luxury design of the Denali name.

Though only mildly restyled outside and looking very similar inside, the GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickup trucks that were introduced in 2010 as 2011 models have raised the bar significantly for three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickup trucks.  Beneath the skin, Sierra HD rides on a completely new frame that is 92% stronger than the outgoing 2010 model and features massive 14-inch brake rotors to reduce brake fade when moving heavy loads.  A redesigned section in the rear makes installing most popular fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches easier than ever, which allows South Carolina truck owners to take advantage of Sierra HD’s available 21,700-pound maximum trailer weight rating.

Customer Service Makes Jim Hudson GMC Best in South Carolina

Of course, none of this matters if the service received at the dealership is no good.  Ever since opening the doors in 1980, Jim Hudson’s first and primary goal has been a completely satisfied customer.  The commitment to customer service Jim Hudson GMC demonstrates has been noted in the Columbia area, as Jim Hudson has been voted Best New Car Dealership in Columbia an unmatched ten years and counting by readers of The State newspaper.  As the #1 GMC dealer in South Carolina, Jim Hudson is excited to be able to serve even more GMC customers in 2011 and encourages all truck and SUV shoppers in South Carolina to come see why people love GMC’s exceptional lineup.  Jim Hudson GMC is located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, and can be reached at (803) 783-0110.  For more information, visit their South Carolina GMC Dealer website.

GMC Declared Best Truck Value in America by Vincentric

GMC Sierra Denali HD Columbia SC

The GMC Sierra Denali HD joins the GMC Sierra lineup for the first time in 2011.

Jim Hudson GMC, a leading GMC Dealer in SC, is thrilled to announce that the entire GMC truck lineup has been selected as the Best Truck Brand Value in America by Vincentric, a firm that compiles and analyzes automotive cost data for a variety of industries, selected GMC as the winner based on calculations regarding total cost of ownership–things like fuel, depreciation, insurance, and repairs– relative to price.

“To be named winner of Vincentric’s Best Truck Value in America, a brand must show strength in all segments, including compact pickups and full-size pickups in the ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton size classes. In addition, value must be shown in both 2WD and 4WD, and in a variety of cab, bed, and engine configurations,” Vincentric’s website proclaims. “GMC earned top honors due to its across-the-board strength in each of these areas. If we had to point to one item that helped seal the deal for GMC, it was their claim to the lowest depreciation rate of any full-line truck brand.”

GMC Canyon offers 300-HP V8 in Columbia, SC

GMC’s compact pickup, the GMC Canyon in Columbia, SC, offers big-truck capabilities in a small package.  Available in Columbia shoppers’ choice of regular, extended, and crew cabs, the GMC Canyon offers an available 5.3-liter V8 engine making 300 horsepower. GMC Canyon is available from entry-level work truck trim (including an available manual transmission) all the way up to the fully-loaded SLT trim with conveniences including leather-appointed seating, XM Satellite Radio, and an integrated bedliner.  For Columbia drivers seeking off-road prowess, the Z71 Off-Road Suspension Package offers increased capabilities with larger tires and a slightly raised suspension, and is available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options.  For fans of the street truck movement, Jim Hudson GMC offers the ZQ8 sport suspension option, which pairs with the V8 engine and unique wheels to provide a look and ride unlike anything else in Columbia.

GMC Sierra 1500 Introduces Power Tech Package for 2011

The GMC Sierra 1500 is GMC’s full-size pickup truck, which introduces the Power Tech Package for the first time in 2011.  Available on mid-level SLE models, the GMC Sierra Power Tech Edition offers Columbia GMC truck shoppers many of the most popular options on the Sierra’s long options list at a $1,495 discount.  From the 5.3-liter Vortec V8 engine to the 17-inch aluminum wheels, the GMC Sierra Power Tech features all the professional grade capabilities Columbia drivers expect from a GMC truck.  Other features include an EZ-Lift locking tailgate, USB connections to the audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, heavy-duty trailering, and an auto-locking rear differential. For more information, visit the GMC Sierra Columbia SC page on Jim Hudson GMC’s website.

GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Raises the Bar in Columbia

GMC Sierra HD heavy duty pickups, available in both 2500 and 3500 levels, have been completely revamped for 2011.  The new Duramax diesel engine offers more power while reducing emissions and fuel consumption, while a reinforced frame that’s 92% stronger than the 2010 Sierra HD allows easier installation of fifth-wheel hitches and up to 6,635 pounds of payload capacity. Properly equipped, this means the 2011 GMC Sierra HD in Columbia SC can tow up to 21,700 pounds.  Also new for 2011 is the Sierra Denali HD, which brings luxury amenities expected of the Denali name to the heavy-duty Sierra pickup trucks for the first time.  It is, without a doubt, the best Sierra that GMC has ever produced.

GMC Dealers in Columbia, South Carolina

Jim Hudson GMC has been a GMC dealer for nearly 30 years, serving the midlands of South Carolina including Columbia, Newberry, Orangeburg, Sumter, and Lugoff with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.  Jim Hudson has been voted Best New Car Dealership an unmatched ten years in a row by readers of The State, and intends to continue providing exceptional customer service for decades to come.  Jim Hudson GMC is located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, and can be reached by phone at (803) 783-0110.

GMC Trucks for sale in Columbia SC

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New Additions to GMC’s Denali Lineup in Columbia, SC Raise Its Profile

GMC Acadia Denali and GMC Sierra Denali HD

Mark Sundberg stands beside his GMC Acadia Denali and GMC Sierra Denali HD. (GM Media)

Columbia GMC dealer Jim Hudson GMC welcomes two new additions to GMC’s prestigious Denali lineup in 2011: the GMC Acadia Denali and GMC Sierra Denali HD. Acadia represents the first crossover vehicle to wear the Denali name, while the Sierra Denali HD expands on the light-duty version of the Sierra Denali pickup truck that has been available in Columbia for a number of years.

When Mark Sundberg of Seattle, Wash., made the winning bid for a 2011 GMC Acadia Denali at a charitable auction last year, he had a good idea of what to expect when he took delivery. Sundberg already owned a 2008 Yukon XL Denali.

“Everything about the Denali vehicles are done well,” said Sundberg, who traded in his Ford for a GMC in 2004. “They’re beautiful, nice to drive, quiet and luxurious, but not gaudy. I like the way they’re laid out on the inside and they have the amenities I want. They’re everything I want in a car.”

Sundberg isn’t alone. This past December, car buyers attracted to Denali’s distinctive blend of refined luxury and rugged capability helped GMC achieve its 15th consecutive month of retail sales increases, with sales up 30 percent in 2010. Denali accounted for 13 percent of GMC sales last year, an improvement of 20 percent over 2009, thanks in part to the addition of Sierra Denali HD and Acadia Denali.

“We love our Denali,” said Heather Skelly of Thousand Oaks, Calif., who recently bought a Yukon XL. “I was amazed by how easy it is to drive, considering its size, and I love OnStar and the heated seats and steering wheel.”

Skelly and her husband Mike decided the Yukon XL Denali had “the right amount of nice” for their young family in terms of luxury and amenities. Almost half of all Yukon/XL customers choose Denali. Skelly said she’s also impressed by how well insulated the vehicle is, an important factor in the cold weather Columbia faces annually.

Why does Denali resonate with today’s luxury vehicle buyer? Consider its namesake: Denali is the native name for Alaska’s Mount McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America. It means “The Pinnacle.”

“The people who have been coming into our dealership to shop Denali are getting out of Lexus and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They’ve achieved great success and can drive anything they want,” said Omar Rodriguez, general manager, Carl Black Buick GMC, in Orlando. “To these customers, Denali represents the top of the mountain, the top of the line, but it’s also a great value choice for uncertain times. They can have the luxury they’re accustomed to for thousands of dollars less than the imports.”

Acadia – which recently earned the 2011 Best Resale Value Award from Kelley Blue Book’s – is the latest GMC model to join the Denali line. Acadia Denali distinguishes itself from other crossovers with unique cues, including a chrome honeycomb grille, monochromatic exterior and 20-inch two-tone chrome-clad wheels.

Among GMC’s host of best-selling models, Acadia commands the highest conquest rate, with half of its purchasers coming from non-GM brands. After only three months on the market, the high-end Denali model accounts for 20 percent of all Acadia sales.

When auction winner Sundberg arrived to pick up his new Acadia Denali, he also purchased a 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD 2500, the first offering of the exclusive Denali line on a heavy-duty GMC pickup. As an avid rider of ATVs and snowmobiles, Sundberg uses the Sierra Denali HD both for work and play while his father enjoys driving his Acadia Denali.

Sierra Denali HD, which went on sale in early summer of 2010, offers the power of the newly-revised Duramax 6.6L turbo diesel, rated at 397 hp and 765 lb.-ft. of torque – making it the most powerful Duramax ever built. With all-new, more rigid frames and strong suspensions, Sierra Denali HD’s capability includes a segment-best conventional trailer tow rating of 17,000 lbs. and a fifth-wheel trailer rating up to 21,300 lbs.

”I think you could pull just about anything with the Sierra HD,” Sundberg said. “It’s the best vehicle GMC has built yet. The only time it goes to the shop is for oil changes.”

In addition to its distinctive grille and brushed metal accents, Sierra Denali HD’s interior includes standard equipment Columbia drivers expect from a true Denali including power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Heated steering wheel and heated and cooled leather-appointed seating are available.

Since its launch in March, the Denali version of GMC’s heavy duty pickup has grown to 33 percent of all Sierra 2500HD crew cab sales, more than tripling the expected penetration within the market. In addition, Sierra customer loyalty improved in 2010 by 16 percent.

“The customers who buy Denali value high quality and premium features, but don’t want to be ostentatious about it,” said Brad Brotherton, the Seattle-area GMC dealer where Sundberg purchased his Denalis. “They can drive their Denali to a construction site, to the ballet, and to a mountain lodge to go skiing – and it’s perfectly suited for all of those activities.”

GMC Denali Trucks and SUVs Available at Jim Hudson GMC in Columbia, SC

Jim Hudson GMC is the oldest GMC dealer in Columbia SC, with nearly 30 years of experience serving the midlands of South Carolina including Newberry, Sumter, and Orangeburg.  Jim Hudson added GMC to its budding Oldsmobile franchise all the way back in 1982 and has been delivering professional grade trucks, vans, and SUVs ever since.  Jim Hudson has been voted Best New Car Dealership by readers of The State an unmatched ten years in a row, a testament to Jim Hudson’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction.  For more information, visit Jim Hudson at 7201 Garners Ferry Road or call them at (803) 783-0110.

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GMC Terrain in Columbia SC Gets No Payments Until Spring

GMC Terrain in Columbia, SC

New GMC Terrain crossover SUV for sale in Columbia, South Carolina at Jim Hudson GMC.

Jim Hudson GMC, the premier GMC dealership in Columbia, South Carolina, is pleased to announce special financing offers on the 2011 GMC Terrain. Now through January 3, qualified buyers that finance through Ally Bank (formerly known as GMAC) can defer their first payment until spring, a full 120 days from delivery!

In addition, qualified buyers can take advantage of the best financing offers available to date on the GMC Terrain, with 0% financing available for 36 months in addition to $1500 in down payment assistance. GMC has never before offered 0% financing on the Terrain, let alone with such attractive down payment offers!

The GMC Terrain, a five-passenger crossover SUV, was introduced just last year, and has taken the Columbia, SC market by storm with its attractive combination of smart technologies and impressive fuel economy. Terrain offers an EPA-estimated 32 highway miles per gallon when equipped with the four-cylinder engine, while the available V6 engine allows Terrain to tow up to 3500 pounds when properly equipped. (And the four cylinder engine is no slouch either, offering plenty of power driving around town.) Terrain also offers many standard features normally associated with much larger SUVs, such as a rearview camera to make parking and reversing direction easier and safer. Also standard is a USB port, which allows drivers to connect an MP3 player or iPod directly into the audio system, allowing the driver to control playback and volume through the console instead of fumbling for small buttons. Terrain’s roomy center console is large enough to stow an average laptop computer, while the SmartSlide seating in the second row allows occupants to slide the seats back for more legroom or forward for even more spacious cargo room. Like almost every GMC vehicle, Terrain also offers Columbia drivers the safety and convenience of OnStar with Turn-By-Turn directions standard for six months.

Terrain offers many available options, including a Pioneer 8-speaker stereo system, power sunroof, a programmable power liftgate that can be tailored to open to your preferred height, touchscreen navigation with a 40GB hard drive for storing maps and music, dual-screen rear entertainment system, and heated seats either with the cloth seating of the SLE2 or the perforated leather seating of the SLT models. The SLT-2 model at the top of the range also offers exclusive chrome accents and ultrasonic rear parking assist. For those who carry things of value in their Terrain, the optional cargo management package includes a shade that covers the rear cargo area for additional security.

Visit Jim Hudson GMC for a GMC Terrain in Columbia SC

Jim Hudson GMC is the midlands’ preferred GMC dealership for the GMC Terrain in South Carolina serving Orangeburg, Newberry, Sumter, Lugoff, and beyond.  GMC is the oldest member of Jim Hudson Automotive Group, with nearly 30 years of helping GMC drivers with professional grade service before, during, and after the sale.  Jim Hudson is a ten-time winner of The State’s Readers’ Choice award for Best New Car Dealership, a testament to their commitment to complete customer satisfaction.  Jim Hudson GMC is located at 7201 Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, just off I-77 at exit 9A.  Jim Hudson GMC can be reached at their GMC Dealer Columbia SC website, or by phone at (803) 783-0110.

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